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--- Ed DellaCroce, 3rd Degree Black Belt and the North Carolina State Director for World Dragon Kenpo.

December Theme: Honor.

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“I lost two dear friends of mine. I would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now.”

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Acupuncture From A Patient's Perspective

by Steve Amoia

I am a current patient at Huang's Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic. Dr. Sen Huang is expertly qualified todiscuss Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from a doctor's point of view; however, perhaps it would be helpful to learn how the treatments feel on the other end of the needles.

I came to Dr. Huang's clinic for treatment of chronic abnormal muscle tone. This condition was caused by an adverse reaction to a prescription drug. This heightened state creates very tight muscles and stiff joints, which can be painful at times.

Seeking an alternative approach, I decided to investigate acupuncture. I found Dr. Huang's web site during an Internet search, and was very impressed by its content. I spoke to Dr. Huang on the phone, described my situation, and was invited to meet him for a consultation. During the first few visits, I was very tentative. But any concerns that I had were allayed by the kind and compassionate manner of Dr. Huang. He is an expert of anatomy, and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. But I was more impressed by this knowledge of human nature. He realizes that for most Westerners, acupuncture is a treatment of last resort. He understands that a new patient arrives with a mixture of apprehension, anxiety, and curiosity. Dr. Huang treats the whole person, not just a particular part of the body. He also stresses that the mind and body are not separate entities.

My case is difficult to treat; however, Dr. Huang's positive attitude helps me to remain focused on the healing process. He is very cordial, professional, and compassionate. He always explains what he is doing to my body, and what I should expect both during and after the treatments. Due to my strange muscle tone, the needles can feel uncomfortable during insertion and subsequent adjustments. But then I relax and absorb the healing effects of the acupuncture. The soothing Chinese music in the background helps to create a safe and secure environment.

For me, acupuncture is a paradox. It is both simple and complex. Many illnesses are explained by a blockage of chi, or the energy flow within our bodies. The needles release and redirect this energy throughout the various bodily meridians. I have witnessed the strong response of the needles; at times, I feel them in places where they are not even present. In essence, acupuncture restores our natural balance of good health and vitality. But when you look at the extremely detailed anatomical charts in Dr. Huang's office, one realizes that Traditional Chinese Medicine is very complicated, scientific, and relies heavily upon the skills of the practitioner.

Dr. Huang is a healer. Before I came to his clinic, I was in significant pain. I had difficulty walking, sitting, or typing. I have seen good progress, but realize that my treatment may be long term. As Dr. Huang often tells me, "When you relax your mind, your muscles will follow."

Dr. Huang reminds us that we must learn to prevent illness once our natural balance is restored. In the future, I hope to learn more about Qigong and Tai Chi. Both of these disciplines are taught by Dr. Huang, and help us to maintain good health.